At 33 years of age, Ryan Kealey is a man who has seen the worst life has to offer in his past roles with the Army Special Forces and the CIA. Now, living on the coast of Maine with his lover and former student, Kealey wants nothing more than to be left to his sporadic teaching and his demons, with which he struggles on a daily basis. But when the Senate Majority Leader is brutally assassinated in the nation's capital, Ryan is reluctantly brought back into the game by his friend and mentor, the deputy director of operations at Langley. Upon learning that his longtime nemesis and former fellow soldier, Jason March, is back on the international scene and responsible for the senator's death, Kealey teams with Naomi Kharmai, a beautiful but stubborn British-born analyst, in order to track March down.

Kealey and Kharmai soon discover that the senator was killed to protect a friendship forged in fire between two unlikely allies, the interim Iranian regime and the Islamic terrorist network of al-Qaeda. Jason March is the lynch-pin between the two, the man on the ground who harbors a hatred unlike any other, a psychotic rage that is completely devoted to the destruction of the country he served for more than fifteen years. March is not what he seems, though, and in the struggle to unearth his true identity, those who are thrust into the hunt will need to find a strength in themselves they never knew existed; Kealey will be forced to walk a fine line between the search for a killer and his own personal need for revenge, Kharmai will learn the troublesome truth about Kealey, and together they will uncover March's plan - a plot to assassinate three world leaders in the U.S. capitol.

However, discovering the truth can only take them so far, for in a game with global implications, March remains a crucial step ahead, and time is running out�

�In his debut novel, Britton has delivered a level of storytelling excellence most writers spend a lifetime trying to achieve. The American is brilliantly well-written.�
-Brad Thor,
bestselling author of
The Lions of Lucerne and Takedown

�Britton is an astute student of the political thriller, as evidenced by this well-written and exciting debut� perfect escape reading.�
-Tampa Tribune

�[An] absorbing first novel� extraordinarily hard to put down.�
-Charlotte Observer

�A gripping saga ripped out of the latest headlines.�
-News & Record (Greensboro, NC)